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December 31, 2012

DIY Seed Sprouting With Hydrogen Peroxide

Sprouts are amazing super foods that are easy, nutritious and inexpensive food. Seeds have phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins.


Containers for sprouting:

Buy special containers specifically for sprouting or use a mason glass jar, clay pot or towel. Demulcent seeds like chia and flax seeds are better suited to a flat towel or sprouting tray.

mung beanMaterials needed:

Seeds ~ like Mung beans are easy to sprout

Mason jars

Elastic bands


Optional: hydrogen peroxide food grade for cleaning and to speed up sprouting with less mold. Spray on towels for towel sprouting method.


Soak seeds in water – 4-12 hours or overnight depending on seed type. Sometimes I put in 1/4 cup to a cup of hydrogen peroxide in 3% dilution to speed up sprouting and to reduce mold, or 1/4 -1/2 teaspoon full strength H202 (hydrogen peroxide) to a pint (2 cups) of water for soaking.  I also wash and sterilize everything in food grade 3% hydrogen peroxide,
which is basically water and oxygen (H2O2).
After soaking drain and rinse, and then prop jars in a bowl, tilted on its side to drain the water.
Use room temperature water with 3% hydrogen peroxide sprayed in to daily rinse, and place in a dark place, or put a paper bag or tea towel over the jars.
Rinse seeds twice a day and spray some hydrogen peroxide in the water to cut down on mold or rotting, and to increase sprouting.

You don’t have to use hydrogen peroxide, but it is a good idea in hot weather.

Sprouts are ready to eat in about 2-4 days.


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