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March 2, 2012

The Difference between a Wheat Allergy and Celiac Disease

A wheat allergy is different from Celiac disease. A wheat allergy shows up in ‘scratch tests,’ where the doctor pin pricks your skin and puts drops of suspected allergens in the scratches to see if there is an immune reaction.  If there is swelling and redness it shows an allergy immune response. Celiac disease does not show up in these kinds of tests.

Wheat allergy symptoms are bloating, swelling, digestive conditions, water retention, fatigue, and weight gain. No matter what the person with a wheat allergy does they cannot lose weight until they stop eating wheat.

Celiac disease symptoms are opposite to this. People with Celiac disease are usually underweight and have a hard time putting on weight because the gluten binds the villa in the small intestines and prevents nutrients in food from being absorbed.

People who have absorption issues or are nutrient deficient should try a gluten-free diet, because gluten binds nutrients for everyone just not to the same degree as a person who has Celiac disease.

Both cause fatigue and a feeling of being drained because of the immune response. The immune system is our control panel and networks with the endocrine and nervous system which can be negatively impacted and manifest as other syndromes along with circulatory problems.

Wheat allergy is an allergy to wheat protein that invokes an immune allergy reaction, and Celiac disease is a gluten ‘intolerance’ which binds the small intestine.



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