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October 22, 2012

Nature Wild Crafts e-book

Nature Wild Crafts By Earth Elixir

Crafts made from nature

Create easy, beautiful, and inexpensive crafts made from plants and nature. Learn how to make different wreaths and ornaments from pinecones and grapevines for festive occasions or everyday use out of wild crafting or from the garden. Learn how to dry flowers to make arrangements, potpourri, aromatherapy stuffed pillows and fragrant fillers. Add essential oils to make aromatherapy crafts for an added bonus of healing therapy. Other crafts include holiday ideas, childhood favourites, lavender bundles, and easy to care for plant terrariums.

   Buy e-book now $3.99

February 4, 2012

Essential Oils and the Five Elements: e-book

Essential Oils and the Five Elements: Easing Emotional Overload with Aromatherapy and Reflexology.

Explore the natural health therapies of Aromatherapy and Reflexology, while integrating the Ancient Chinese Five Elements. Combine essential oils used in Aromatherapy with the ancient healing therapy of Reflexology to help ease emotional overload, promote relaxation and improve over all health. Travel through the rhythms of life and find out what season you are with the Ancient Chinese Five Elements. Decipher emotional and physical states of being, learn the lessons of each element and how it corresponds with essential oils and reflex points.

Includes detailed diagrams of the Ancient Five Elements and their lessons, reflexology maps, plus Aromatherapy recipes for health, beauty and wellness. Bonus Essential Oil monographs explaining properties, primary uses and more…

Buy e-book now $3.99


November 18, 2011

DIY Dried Botancial Aromatherapy Wreath

Dried Aromatherapy Wreath

Our Aunt sent us the most beautiful bouquet of roses just before she died of cancer. I dried the roses and decided to make a wreath out of them. I am going to give the Aromatherapy wreath to her surviving twin sister, who is still having a hard time dealing with the loss of her identical twin. I know she likes lavender too so I put some dried lavender flower heads from my garden and added some boxwood leaves as greenery. I added essential oil of lavender to the dried flowers to make it smell even more wonderful.

I used a round 12’ straw wreath form.

Straw Wreath form 12'

I used a wire ribbon to form the double bow for the front, and a solid green ribbon to wrap around the wreath.


I added the dried roses first with a low temp. glue gun. Have a bowl of water ready if you burn yourself with hot glue, especially if you use a high temp. glue gun. The low temp glue guns make the glue stringier, but you don’t burn yourself as bad. Have lavender essential oil on hand in case of burns.

 I added clove essential oil to the middle of some flower heads for antifungal, antibacterial action and to make it smell great while I worked on it.  I love the smell of clove and roses together. Add your own favourite essential oils.

I added boxwood leaves around the sides of the roses to fill in and cover the straw form. Boxwood is a good choice because it dries well. The leaves will shrink when dried so it is better to use the straw form than wire, because the wire one may fall apart.

I filled in any imperfections or holes with lavender flower heads and added French Lavender essential oil to make it a true Aromatherapy wreath.

To hang it I used green wire and twisted it around itself to form a hole, and attached the wire to the top of the back of the form.

wire hanger

I hope this gives you some inspirational ideas to work with to make your own Dried Botanical Aromatherapy Wreath.





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