Herbal Therapeutic Properties Glossary

Definitions of Therapeutic Properties:

Analgesic/Anodyne- relieves pain

Anthelmintic- expels parasites/ parasitic intestinal worms

Antiallergenic- treats allergies/ hypersensitivities

Antiarthritic- treats arthritis

Antibacterial- reduces/kills bacteria

Anticatarrhal- reduces catarrh build-up

Antidepressant- treats depression

Antiemetic- treats vomiting

Antifungal- reduces/kills fungal infections

Anti-hepatotoxic/Anti-hepato-protectors- protect and nourish the liver

Anti-infective- treats infections

Anti-inflammatory- reduces inflammation

Antilithic- prevents or helps to flush out stones

Anti-mutagenic- reduces the rate of mutation

Anti-neoplastic- treats cancer or neoplasm

Anti-nephrotoxic- nourishes and protects the kidneys

 Antioxidants- anti-aging constituents that reduces oxidation and break-down

of cells, nourishes and protects cells,

Antiparasitic-reduces/kills parasites

Antispasmodic- reduces spasms

Anti-tussive- reduces coughing

Antiviral- reduces/kills viruses

Aperative- stimulates appetite

Aphrodisiac- promotes sexuality

Astringent- tightens tissues

Bronchodilator- dilates bronchi

Cardiac- heart tonic

Carminative- relieves intestinal flatulence/gas

Cholagogue- promotes bile flow

Choleretic- enhances bile quality

Counter-irritant- irritates to improve blood flow

Decongestant- relieves fluid congestion

Demulcent- moistens/ soothes mucous membranes

Detoxicant- clears toxins

Diaphoretic- promotes sweating

Diuretic- improves/ promotes urination

Emetic- causes vomiting

Emmenagogue- balances/influences female cycle

Emollient- soothes and moistens skin

Expectorant- promotes phlegm expulsion

Febrifuge- reduces fever

Galactagogue- promotes milk flow

Haemostatic- stops bleeding

Hepatic- treats liver

Hypertensive- increases blood pressure

Hypnotic- calms mind and spirit

Hypocholesterolemic- lowers bad cholesterol

Hypoglycemiant- lowers blood sugar

Hypolipidemic- lowers bad blood fats

Hypotensive- lowers/reduces blood pressure

Laxative- promotes gentle bowel movement

Mucolytic- softens hardened respiratory/ intestinal mucus

Nervine- works on the nervous system

Parturient- promotes labour

Relaxant- promotes relaxation

Rubefacients- causes skin reddening to promote blood perfusion

Sedative- reduces activity, calming to the nervous system

Stimulant- increases activity

Styptic- stops bleeding through topical application

Tonic- restores and strengthens

Vasodilator- expands blood vessels

Vermifuge- expels intestinal worms such as tapeworm

Vulnerary- promotes tissue repair




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